We really like to get to know our customers. If  we can learn more
about your birding interests and the type of birding you enjoy (from
relaxed to hard core), then we will be able to provide you some
excellent choices of birding trips for your consideration and your
enjoyment.  We would also be glad to provide you with more
information about any of our trips and/or answer any questions you
may have.  Please call!

Email:           info@PIBird.com

Please Call:  Toll Free: 1-888-203-7464 or 720-320-1974            
Partnership for International Birding Update:  

The Partnership for International Birding now combines the best of effective
local logistical operators, some of the world's best bird guides (Lelis
Navarrete, Johnnie Kamugisha, Yaya Barry, Leio DeSouza and many  others),
and a number of other key partners to
bring our customers excellent
service and a wide variety of choices
to meet their bird watching travel
  • Clients often comment that our trip preparation services are the
    best they have experienced, and they also love our competitive
  • More and more clients book with us, as together we support bird
    conservation.  If you book a trip with us six months or more in
    advance, this almost always assures our bookings fill, allowing us the
    opportunity to purchase in your name an acre of wilderness for
    bird and wiildlife conservation.
  • With the leadership of top local guides and with a small group size
    (6 to 8 persons on most international trips), most everyone has a
    chance to see those hard-to-find endemics and speciality species.
  • We have a number of trips to a wide variety of destinations scheduled
    throughout the year.   Our 2014 calendar, features well over 100
    scheduled trip dates covering North America, Central and South
    America, Africa, Asia and Europe.  Besides these scheduled trips,
    we are glad to work to develop custom trips for couples or small groups.
  • Our trips also vary in price to meet every birding budget and every
    birding desire.
  • We offer some North American trips for just about $1,000, which
    is a great way to try out group birding travel and to pick up about
    one dozen life birds.
  • Most all of our trips are price well below (sometimes 20% to 30%)
    below our competitors, but we still offer great lodging, top guides
    and some of the best trip preparation services in the business.
  • Please come try one of our ten-day Ecuador trips for $2,290
    and/or two weeks in India for under $3,000.  Besides these great
    value trips, we have excellent once-in-a-lifetime trips to
    Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and the Galapagos.

In every country we work, we have
developed strong and effective
relationships with the top local bird watching guides
.  The best value in
every trip is the top local guide who spend nearly every week of the year
listening and learning more and more about where different bird species can
be found.  Their expertise will allow you to see more bird species each day
and provide a foundation for learning more about the habitats and natural
world you will be visiting.

All of our international trips are designed for
small groups (6 to 8
participants), allowing
everyone an excellent opportunity to see the bird
species they desire
and to have excellent support from guides and  hosts.

Each year, we continue to expand the scope of our services, developing new
effective partnerships around the world to support your bird watching needs.

Please feel free to call Charles (or any of our service associates) toll free at 1-
888-203-7464 at ext. 912 or direct at 720-320-1974.  And feel free to
email us
at info@PIBird.com.  We love to hear from our customers and appreciate
getting to know what kind of birding your prefer and what destinations are
currently most of interest to you.  We will find you the best birding trip we can
for your money.
Welcome to the Partnership for International Birding!
Africa Birding &
Wildlife Tours:
Check out our Schedule of over 150 Trips to
Birding Destinations in the USA and around the
Central and South American
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American Birding:
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Why go birding with the
Partnership for International

  • premier local guides
    leading productive birding

  • small groups

  • excellent trip preparation

  • competitive pricing

  • great choices for birding
    over six continents with
    over 150 choices for 2015

  • support for bird

Save an Acre (or More) and
Protect Bird Species from
 The Partnership for
International Birding now
saves an
acre (and sometimes as much as
200 acres) for bird conservation

in the name of anyone booking a tour
with us. The Friends of the Partnership
for International Birding have
protect nearly 50,000 acres,
protecting many threatened and
endangered species.  
We have
helped protect key endemic species
(such as the Blue-throated Macaw,  
Acre Antshrike, Perijá Thistletail, Perijá
Metaltail, Perijá Brush-Finch),  helped
protect about a half dozen bird species
likely to be confirmed as new to
science, helped protect several
threatened species (such as Fiery
Topaz and Rufous Potoo) and helped
protect hundreds of more bird species
and wildlife.  

The Partnership for International
Birding now combines the best of
effective local logistical operators with
some of the world's premier bird
guides.  Our partnerships bring our
customers a wide variety of choices to
meet their birding travel needs, and all
our customers love our competitive
pricing and excellent trip preparation

We also provide
support for your
custom group trip
.  We would be glad
to provide support for your custom
birding trip for couples, small groups of
birding friends and/or local bird clubs
and conservation groups.  Our
partnerships provide you trusted
support for booking lodges, drivers and
guides.  Custom trip participants also
receive our top-rated trip preparation
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