Main Trip: $2,790, including lodging for seven nights and
birding over eight days.
Single accommodations are available for an additional
Nome Extension: $890, including lodging for three
nights and birding over four days.
Single accommodations are available for an additional

Above prices also include the services and expenses of
the bird guide, travel planning and transportation services
(including the van and gasoline) and the Kenai Fjords
boat trip. Breakfast is included at some hotels during the
trip (though not in Nome).

Not Included in Pricing:
  • The trip price does not include the flight to
    Anchorage and does not include the flight to Nome
    (for those choosing to include the Nome Extension).
    Budget $500 to $800 for your flight to Anchorage.  
    The Anchorage to Nome flight is currently $360.
  • Most meals (some breakfasts, most lunches and all
    suppers) and tips are not included.  
  • You should budget between $25 and $40 per day
    for meals or about $325 to $440 for the full trip.
  • Some participants may choose to fly in the night
    before the Main trip and/or need a room after
    returning to Anchorage. Additional night of lodging
    will be about $175-$200 per room (near the airport).

Note:  Please contact us prior to booking your flight, or
you may end up paying additional lodging and transfer
Overview of the Trip
Every birder will always remember flying into Alaska for the
first time, the seabirds and whales of Kenai Fjord, the
mammals and scenery of Denali National Park (with great
birding too) and, for those who add this trip extension,
birding the tundra around Nome. This trip is unforgettable.  

Your trip begins in Anchorage, birding a few sites around
town before heading to the Kenai Peninsula. By the end of
Day 1, you may have seen Pacific Loon, Red-necked
Grebe, Hudsonian Godwit, Red-necked Phalarope, Arctic
Tern, Northwestern Crow and Varied Thrush.

You will spend the next day on a boat trip out of Seward,
on the waters of the Kenai Fjords, enjoying a number of
sea birds. You will be greeted by nesting kittiwakes,
puffins, murres, guillemots, auklets, murrelets, terns and

Mammals will include Steller Sea Lion, Harbor Seal, Sea
Otter, Orca, Hump-backed Whale and Minke Whale. Dall’s
Porpoise may also put in an appearance. Along the fjords
you may spot a Mountain Goat or a Black Bear, but
surprises may occur anywhere along the channel.

As we bird our way along the Seward and Parks Highways
toward Denali, we will make a few stops. Here we hope to
encounter Spruce Grouse, Arctic Warbler and several
other northern specialties.

Denali National Park is a must see for everyone. The
scenery alone is mind blowing, but to observe numbers of
Grizzlies feeding on berries and other tundra delicacies is
a fantastic sight. As the shuttle bus winds along the road,
Moose, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Mountain Goats, Gray
Wolves and Arctic Fox seem to appear on cue. Willow
Ptarmigan will be seen along the road, usually hens
accompanied by their chicks. If we are lucky we will see
Gyrfalcons searching for a meal, and on a clear day Mt.
McKinley will be visible.

Our drive along the Denali Highway to Paxson could
produce nesting Long-tailed Jaeger and Smith’s Longspur,
among others. From Paxson we will bird as we drive back
into Anchorage. Here some of the group may begin their
flights home, while others will continue Alaska birding with
a flight to Nome.

After we arrive in Nome, several rare species await us on
the high tundra. Many species of shorebirds breed here,
and are spectacular in their breeding attire. We will use
the long hours of daylight to bird three different roads,
where Bristle-thighed Curlew and Bluethroat are possible,
as well as Musk Ox and Caribou. Aleutian Tern, Emperor
Goose, Willow Ptarmigan, Rock Ptarmigan, Gyrfalcon,
Northern Wheatear and Eastern Yellow Wagtail are
present as well.

Day 1: Arrive in Anchorage, with birding in the area if
flights arrive early enough.

Day 2: Morning birding around Anchorage, including the  
Potter Marsh Game Refuge. Afternoon birding along the
Seward and Sterling Highways toward Kenai.

Day 3: Birding along Sterling Highway to Seward, then
selected spots around

Day 4:  All day pelagic birding trip at Kenai Fjords, with
marine mammals as well.

Day 5: Birding along the way to Denali.

Day 6: Birding (and wildlife watching) at Denali National

Day 7: Bird the Denali Highway to Paxson

Day 8: Return to Anchorage by mid-afternoon. This allows
for evening flights home, or the flight to Nome for those on
the extension.


Days 9 to 11: Bird Nome area over three days, including
one day birding each of the following:
  • Teller Road which leads to the Bering seacoast,
  • Taylor Road leading into the northern interior,
  • and Council Road which bears eastward.

Departure Choices:
  • On the evening of Day 11, after returning from
    Nome at about 9:45 PM, some on the trip will fly from
    Anchorage for overnight flights home.
  • Some on the trip may continue birding in Alaska
    across to the Pribilof Islands. Extension arranged
  • Others may fly home the next day (with additional
    lodging cost in Anchorage).

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Brief Itinerary
Trip Description
Long-tailed Jaeger
photo by Brandon Percival
Arctic Tern
photo by Brandon Percival.
Header photo also by B. Percival.
Black Oystercatcher
photo by Bill Schmoker
Northern Hawk Owl
photo by B. Percival
King Eider
photo by B. Percival
Spectacled Eider
photo by Brandon Percival
Varied Thrush
photo by B. Percival
Arctic Warbler
photo by B. Percival
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Birding in Grand Alaska
Birding in Alaska
with John Drummond
Hoary Redpoll
photo by B. Percival
Willow Ptarmigan
photo by B. Percival
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