Patagonian Birding Trip in Argentina: All birders will
enjoy the beauty of Patagonia's magnificent scenery and vast
landscapes with fantastic views above the steppe into the
mountains and lakes. This trip is a great opportunity to find bird
species in the farthest reaches of southern South America,
including nearly 3 full days of birding in Tierra del Fuego. This
trip is designed to find nearly all Patagonian endemic species,
including Magellanic Plover, Short-billed Miner,
Chocolate-vented Tyrant, Blackish Cinclodes, Patagonian
Canastero, Lesser Rhea, Elegant-crested Tinamou,
White-headed Steamer-Duck, Dolphin Gull, Patagonian
Sierra-Finch, Patagonian Mockingbird, Patagonian Tinamou,
Patagonian Yellow-Finch and many more. Everyone will enjoy
seeing several penguin species, including Gentoo Penguin and
many Magellanic Penguins. In Tierra del Fuego we will look for
the Kelp, Upland, and Ashy-headed Geese; Magellanic
Woodpecker; Dark-bellied Cinclodes; White throated
Treerunner; Thorn-tailed Rayadito; Magellanic Tapaculo;
Rufous-tailed Plantcutter; Fire-eyed Diucon; Austral Thrush;
Austral Blackbird; Black-chinned Siskin and many more. This
trip includes a variety of habitats including grasslands, some
forest areas in southern parts of Patagonia, coastal birding
(grasslands, tundra and offshore rocks). This first trip has two
excellent guides in Lelis Navarrete (many say South America's
most skilled bird guide) and Jose Antonio Padilla Reyes (one of
our most highly-praised young guides).This combination of
highly skilled guides and an effective trip plan covering a range
of habitats will assure a productive birding trip.

Central Chile Extension: This Central Chile Extension is
designed to find most of the Chilean endemics outside of
Patagonia. This trip has been developed to provide those
birding in Patagonia an excellent opportunity to round out their
Chilean birding experience. The trip includes a variety of
habitats, such as coastal, pelagic birding trip, deciduous dry
scrub and forests, at a wide variety of altitudes. On the pelagic
trip we should find Humboldt Penguin, Black-browed Albatross,
Buller's Albatross, Salvin's Albatross, Southern Giant Petrel,
Northern Giant Petrel, Cape Petrel, Masatierra Petrel, Peruvian
Diving-Petrel, Peruvian Booby, Guanay Cormorant, Inca Tern,
South American Tern, Chilean Skua and many more. Some of
the Chilean endemics we will find include Chilean Tinamou,
Moustached Turca, White-throated Tapaculo, Crag Chilia,
Chilean Seaside Cinclodes and Chilean Mockingbird.

14 Days Birding in Chile: This trip is an exciting birding
journey designed to discover the endemics and specialties of
this long and narrow ''biogeographical island'' that is nearly
3,000 miles in length. Besides enjoying birds and other wildlife,
we will explore and enjoy Chile's marvelous landscapes,
excellent infrastructure, and great cuisine.

Chile is a land of huge contrasts, truly a geographic
extravaganza. On this birding adventure we will explore Chile's
incredibly diverse habitats, and we shall marvel at some of the
most beautiful landscapes on Earth. From arid coastal hills and
lush rainforests, the windswept steppes of Tierra del Fuego and
Patagonia, to the impressive lakes and volcanoes of
south-central Chile, our search for the avian specialties of this
long and narrow country will take us from the high Andes to the
cold and productive waters of the Humboldt Current. We will
find many interesting species, some of them with very restricted
distributional ranges and some that are little known outside of
Chile. This country is politically and economically the most
stable country in South America and the local people are very
friendly toward birders.

Please contact us to obtain trip reports so you can get a good
idea of the bird species you will see based upon our past
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Three Choices for Birding in Argentina & Chile
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Birding in Chile
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White-sided Hillstar and Chiloe Wigeon
banner Photo by Kit Larson
Crag Chilia
Photo by Kit Larson
Gray-breasted Seedsnipe
Photo by Kit Larson
Creamy-rumped Miner
Photo by Kit Larson
Gray-hooded Sierra-Finch
Photo by Kit Larson
Buller's Albatross
Photo by Kit Larson