Birding in Bolivia
  Lowlands to Highlands
                      or Bolivia Highlands
Lowlands to Highlands:  Most trips find over 400
species in two weeks and 500 species with the extension
trip. Bolivian endemics and regional endemics (shared
with bordering Peru and Argentina) make this an endemic
rich and worthwhile trip. No one will forget Red-fronted
Macaws in flight, the stunning Black-hooded Sunbeam
and other hummingbirds, and more fantastic tropical
birding. These trips are offered several times per year. At
$3,990 for nearly two weeks of birding, this is a great
value. Great guides include Lelis Navarrete and Willy
Perez who will assure good communication and
productive birding.

Bolivian Highlands from La Paz:  The trip locations
provide access to some of the highest elevations of
Andean highlands habitats. Besides seeing birds, the
views are fantastic. The trip is well planned to focus on
bird watching. With excellent guides (Lelis Navarette or
Willy Perez), we anticipate trip participants will see over
350 species in just 8 days. We also anticipate a chance to
see 22 endemics or near endemics, including
Wedge-tailed Hillstar, Black-hooded Sunbeam, Hooded
Mountain-Toucan, and more. Trips to this location range
from $2,190 to $2,590 and provide a great value to those
who love South American Birding. A trip extension of
several days will provide the opportunity for additional
birding along the Upper Coroico and the Apaapa
Reserve. This trip is offered several times each year (and
possible year round).
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Two Great Choices for Birding in Bolivia
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Collin Cambell
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