Note on International Flights:  Trip begins and ends from
international flights into La Paz. Some participants may
choose to fly in a day early if they do not sleep well on
overnight flights.

Day 1:  After morning transfers from the La Paz airport,
we will bird in the La Paz area at
Mecha Pacca.  After
our mid-afternoon flight to
Cochabamba, we can bird
that area in the late afternoon.
Day 2:  Birding the Cochabamba-Upper Chapare
Road, and Tablas Monte
Day 3:  Birding Cerro Tunari.
Day 4:  Birding the Cochabamba- Upper Chapare
Road, Subestacion Miguelito
Day 5:  Early morning birding Laguna Alalay and birding
in transit to Oruro.
Day 6:  Early morning birding at the lakes near Oruro
and some birding in transit to La Paz via Inquisivi.  
Day 7:  Early start for Lake Titicaca and Sorata.
Day 8:  Birding Lower Coroico Road, crossing
Continental Divide and return to La Paz.
Day 9:  Transfer out to International flight from La Paz.
Flights leave from the early morning to late at night. Also
consider continuing trip on extension.

Extension Trip for 4 or 5 More Days:

Extension Day 1:  Birding on way to Chulumai on the
Upper Coroico Road
Ext. Days 2 and 3:  From Chulumai, birding two full days
at the nearby
Apaapa Reserve.
Ext. Day 4:  Birding through various habitats as you
return to La Paz.
Ext. Day 5:  Extension Trip return flights.

A more detailed itinerary can be found by clicking
the link below, and/or get even more information
(including past trip reports) upon request.
Several reasons make this trip another great value for
  • The trip locations provide access to some of the
    highest elevations of Andean highlands habitats.  
    Besides seeing birds, the views are fantastic.
  • The trip is well planned to focus on bird watching.  
    With excellent guides, we anticipate trip participants
    will see over 350 species in just 8 days. We also
    anticipate a chance to see  22 endemics or near
    endemics, including Short-winged Grebe, Wedge-
    tailed Hillstar, Black-hooded Sunbeam, Hooded
    Mountain-Toucan, Bolivian Earthcreeper, Black-
    throated Thistletail, Light-crowned Spinetail, Maquis
    Canastero, Berlepsch´s Canastero, Yellow-rumped
    Antwren, Rufous-faced Antpitta, Bolivian Tapaculo,
    Diademed Tapaculo, Yungas Tody-Tyrant, Orange-
    browed Hemispingus, Gray-bellied Flowerpiercer,
    Bolivian Warbling-Finch, Cochabamba Mountain-
    Finch, Citron-headed Yellow-Finch, Fulvous-headed
    Brush-Finch, Rufous-bellied Saltator and Bolivian
  • Trips to this location range from $2,190 to $2,590
    and provide a great value to those who love South
    American Birding.

A trip extension of several days will provide the opportunity
for additional birding along the Upper Coroico and the
Apaapa Reserve.  

A brief itinerary is presented below with more detail on the
next web page.

Please ask us about our trip reports, and then you can get
a good idea of the bird species you will see based upon
our past experiences.
Cochabamba, Tablas Monte, Cerro Tunari, Subestacia Miguelito, Laguna Alalay, Oruro, Lake
Uru,  La Paz, Inquisivi, Lake Titicaca, Sorata, Lower Coroico Road
Extension Chulamani, Upper Coroico Road and Apaapa Reserve
Bolivia Highlands
Brief Overview
Bolivia Highlands from La Paz
Photo by Collin Campbell
Photo by Collin Campbell
Photo by Collin Campbell
Photo by Colin Campell (above and
including the banner photo).
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Collin Campbell
Photo by Collin Campbell
Photo by Colin Campell
Brief Itinerary
More Details on This Trip
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