California: The Only State with two
Endemic Species
California Gnatcatcher
Lake Murray Park, San Diego, CA
photo by David Trently
Steller's Jay
Pinnacles National Monument, CA
photo by David Trently
Black Turnstone photo
by Bill Schmoker
Burrowing Owl at the Salton Sea
photo by David Trently
Oak Titmouse
Pinnacles National Monument, CA
photo by David Trently
Townsend's Warbler photo
by Bill Schmoker
Heerman's Gull, Goleta Beach, CA
photo by David Trently
Yellow Billed Magpie photo
by Bill Schmoker
Two - Now Three! Great Options for California Birding
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Southern California:  Anyone who has never birded
California should come away from this trip with an
impressive list of life birds, including many California-
named species: California Quail, California Gull, California
Gnatcatcher, California Thrasher, California Towhee - and
maybe even a California Condor.

Other regional specialties likely include Wandering Tattler,
Black Turnstone, Surfbird, Heerman's Gull, Yellow-footed
Gull, Elegant Tern, Vaux's Swift, Costa's Hummingbird,
Nuttall's Woodpecker, Hutton's Vireo, Cassin's Vireo,
Island Scrub-Jay, Yellow-billed Magpie, Wrentit, Oak
Titmouse and Le Conte's Thrasher.

There are good possibilities to see Mountain Quail, White-
headed Woodpecker, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Allen's
Hummingbird, Townsend's Warbler, Hermit Warbler, Bell's
Sparrow, Tricolored Blackbird.

Due to the distances that need to be covered in order to
see so many target species, there will be a lot of time
spent driving on this trip, including many winding mountain
roads. We will make plenty of stops for birding during the
drives (with the exception of the drive from San Diego
around LA to Ventura)

This birding trip to southern California is timed to allow
birders who want to take advantage of our Northern
California trip, which is being run September 8 – 13, 2013.
Anyone choosing to combine the two trips would have at
least two options following the conclusion of the Northern
California trip:
1)  Fly from San Francisco to Los Angeles in time for the
start of the Southern California trip.
2)  Depart the Northern California trip in Monterey and
participate in a pelagic birding trip during the weekend
between the two PIB trips.  You would need to rent a car
one-way from Monterey to LA.

On the Northern California trip you’ll spend more time
doing coastal birding, so you will have a better chance at
several seabirds, such as Surfbird, Common Murre,
Pigeon Guillemot and Marbled Godwit.
Northern California:  Have you always longed to bird the
Pacific Coast?  In five days, you will add dozens of lifers, if
California is new to you.  Or, have you not seen those
Black Oystercatchers and Chestnut-backed Chickadees
since you got a great digital camera?  Well, this is your
trip.  Come see the embattled Yellow-billed Magpie, a
California endemic decimated by habitat loss and West
Nile Virus.  As an extra you will be able to go on one of the
Pacific Coast’s finest pelagic trips, and you’ll  have a
chance for enjoy some of America’s most elusive species.  
The whales, Sea Otters, California Sea Lions, Giant
Sequoias and Redwoods are a bonus.

In one day alone, you will see Brandt’s Cormorant,
Heermann’s Gull, California Towhee, Chestnut-backed
Chickadee, Pacific Loon, Clark’s Grebe, Hutton’s Vireo and
Townsend’s Warbler.  Plus a few dozen more western
birds.  Your guide has been birding California for decades
and can even tell you about Brandt,  Heermann, Townsend
and Clark.  Nobody knows anything about Hutton, sorry.

Among the birds with limited range that you should see:
Wrentit, the only babbler in America; Surfbird; Black
Turnstone; White-tailed Kite; the Western Scrub-Jay that is
soon to be split from its inland congener; Nuttall’s
Woodpecker; Oak Titmouse; and California Quail.

If you eat after birding, this trip can guarantee some of the
best food in a region that is full of foodies.  Or you can eat
in your room, if you prefer.  
For more information or to register for this trip, call
Charles at 888-203-7464 or Charles directly at
720-320-1974 or by email at
Los Angeles to San Francisco – A Taste of Southern
and Northern California in one trip:  
New for 2014 is
this trip that combines some of the best southern California
birding with that of northern California.  This tour is
sponsored by the Audubon Society of Greater Denver.

The trip begins in the Los Angeles area for California
Gnatcatcher, moves north to include a boat trip to see
Island Scrub-Jay, continues north along the coast via Big
Sur and Monterey, and ends with birding in and around
San Francisco.

While birding is the main reason for this trip, it was
designed to allow the participant to enjoy some of the
fabulous scenery for which coastal California is famous.  
As you travel along the winding roads, you will be scanning
for birds and photo opportunities, as well as learning about
some of the historic areas and seeing some notable
California landmarks.

As for the birds, you will find both California endemics:
Yellow-billed Magpie and Island Scrub-Jay.  You should
also see species found only in California and parts of
Mexico, such as Nuttall’s Woodpecker, California
Gnatcatcher (endangered) and California Thrasher.  
Various seabirds will surely be a highlight for everyone.  
Look for Pacific Loon, Sooty Shearwater, Red-necked
Phalarope, Cassin’s Auklet, Heerman’s Gull and Elegant
Tern, to name just a few.  Others certain to be targets for
many on the trip include Black Oystercatcher, Anna’s
Hummingbird, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Wrentit,
California Towhee, Tricolored Blackbird…
California Gnatcatcher
Lake Murray Park, San Diego, CA
photo by David Trently
Townsend's Warbler photo
by Bill Schmoker