We match you tax deductible carbon offset
contributions to the American Bird Conservancy.

The Partnership for International Birding has teamed up
with the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) to help our
birding tour clients contribute to bird conservation and
help offset the carbon footprint of their birding travel.

Different economic models would estimate the impact
(carbon footprint) of our international birding trips in South
America range from $20 to $50* (depending mostly on the
amount of air travel for the trip).  Because of shorter
flights for our domestic tour clients (Americans flying within
the lower 48 states), the carbon footprint for these trips
would be $10 to $20*.  Trips to Africa would be much
higher (over $100)*.

In order to encourage carbon offset contributions which
also support bird conservation, the PIB will match our
clients contributions to the American Bird Conservancy up
to $25 per client per PIB trip.

Please click on here to go to the American Bird
Conservancy site to learn more and to contribute to
the ABC's land protection and bird conservation
efforts.  After making a donation there, the ABC will notify
us about your carbon offset birding conservation
contribution so that we can match that amount.

We truly hope you will consider a contribution to these
efforts to both offset the carbon foot print of your birding
travels and to support vital bird conservation in the

*Note:  The carbon offset value of land protected through these
efforts cannot always be exactly calculated, but cloud forest may
offset as much as 100 tons of carbon each year (or more) per acre.
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Carbon Offset Program and PIB Match
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Carbon Offset Program
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