Several Choices for Birding Colombia
Birding in Colombia
Cauca Valley from Cali to Bogota, Santa Marta and More!
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Black-chinned Mountain
Tanager is one of over 70
tanager species to be seen
on the trip.
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Cauca Valley and Magdalena Valleys Itinerary:
The Cauca Valley is one of the important eco-regions in
flanks of the valley harbor many species with ranges
restricted to the cloud forests and grassland Páramos of
the mountains. This trip will allow us to look for 20 to 24
Colombian endemic species. Most trips find 370 to 420
species in 14 days with well-planned itineraries and top
South American guides. Trip participants will also enjoy 40
to 45 hummingbird species, 40 to 50 tanagers species
and many other excellent birds. These trips range from
$3,490 to $3,890 (keeping trips to under $280 per day.  
Great guides include Lelis Navarrete and Alejandro
Solano who will assure good communication and
productive birding.

Santa Marta: All of our Cauca Valley trips offer a 6 day
extension to Santa Marta. The Santa Marta Mountains are
a clear example of bird speciation, resulting from a long
period of isolation. The green, humid and lush mountain
range is isolated from the rest of the Andes by a “sea” of
dry forest providing the area with the highest bird
endemism in Colombia. Such a birding bonanza is parallel
to the beauty of the sunset of the Caribbean ocean
watched from the comfortable balcony of “El Dorado”
lodge. These extension trips focus on the Santa Marta
endemics, adding another 20 plus endemics to your
Colombia visit. Clients going on the Cauca Valley trip and
the Santa Marta extension have always had from 570 to
620 species. These trips bird the foothills of Santa Marta
(enjoying striking views of coastal areas and then straight
up into the mountains --- only 15 miles apart) and then 4
days and 3 nights at the fantastic El Dorado Lodge. This
trip is price varies based upon participation, starting at
$1,990 with six participants.

Rogitama Extension:

Other Options for Birding in Colombia:
  • We also offer extended Santa Marta trips from eight
    to ten days for those keenly interested in endemics
    there and enjoying some of the other 800 bird
    species (nearly 370 species encountered on the
    trip) over a slightly longer and relaxed trip than our
    extension trip. This trip at ten days was last priced
    at $3,590 for six persons.
  • We also offer a Bogota Highlands trip. Several
    smaller groups have shown interested in these less
    expensive Colombian birding trips. This trip was last
    priced at $1,790 (but is likely higher now).
  • We are also able to offer special extensions to bird
    the Medellin area for those interested in finding the
    newly discovered Yellow-eared Parrot.
  • Please contact Charles Thornton-Kolbe at 720-320-
    1974 to discuss these options and to make special
    arrangements for these trips.
Working together, the Partnership for International Birding
and Neblina Forest International have now provided over
twenty successful tours for Colombia birders in just the
last several years. The combined trip of Cauca Valley with
a Santa Marta extension has been very popular with
experienced South American birders, seeing over 600
species in just over 2 weeks and adding over 100 birds to
their life list. Our key South American Partner, Neblina
Forest International, has been conducting birding tours in
for over seven years. Recently, numerous
other bird tour outfits have joined in. We hope to continue
providing 6 to 8 Colombia birding trips to our clients each
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
Photo by Lelis Drummond
Photo by J. Drummond
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
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