Colorado has 13 sought-after late winter/early spring
birds, all of which can be seen on one trip here in
March or April, making a visit to this state one of the
most enjoyable and productive trips for United States
birding. In the spring, every birder eventually wants to
visit lek sites for amazing looks at displaying Lesser
Prairie-Chicken, Greater Prairie-Chicken, Gunnison
Sage-Grouse (Colorado's near-endemic species),
Sharp-tailed Grouse and Greater Sage-Grouse. The
three Rosy-Finches are gorgeous birds, and their
huge flocks can be spectacular. Also in the high
mountains, we will help you find White-tailed Ptarmigan
and Dusky Grouse. Then we go to the grasslands for
McCown's Longspur, Chestnut-collared Longspur and
Mountain Plover. Colorado offers many other
wonderful birds, and our top Colorado guides are sure
to help you find them.
All photos (including banner) by Bill
Colorado Grouse and More
Colorado Grouse and More

Mike Flieg Legacy Tours
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Colorado Grouse and More

Mike Flieg Legacy Tours
Colorado Grouse and more) is conducted on Public Lands
under a special permit with the U.S. Bureau of Land
Management and under another special permit with the U.S.
Forest Service.  The Partnership for International Birding is
also an authorized permittee of the Pawnee National
Grassland and Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests.   We
truly appreciate access to all public lands in Colorado and
appreciate those individuals who have dedicated their careers
to protecting these natural resources and appreciate the
support of the public for these efforts and land access.

Notice 2:  The Partnership for International Birding is an equal
opportunity service provider.
Brief Overview of the Trip
Trip Description
Brief (9-Day) Itinerary
Day 1:  Arrival in Denver by early afternoon, followed by a
drive to
Loveland Pass for White-tailed Ptarmigan.
Day 2:  Birding from Silverthorne to Steamboat Springs,
especially concentrating on higher elevation birds.
Day 3:  Visit a lek for Greater Sage-Grouse. More high
elevation birding.
Day 4:  Visit a lek for Sharp-tailed Grouse. Drive to
Day 5:  Start at a lek for Gunnison Sage-Grouse. Finish
the day with birding around Cañon City.
Day 6:  Begin birding the eastern Colorado plains.
Day 7:  Start at a lek for Lesser Prairie-Chicken, then
continue eastern Colorado birding north to Wray.
Day 8:  A Greater Prairie-Chicken lek starts the day,
followed by birding at the Pawnee National Grasslands.
Day 9:  Birding between Fort Collins and Denver. Flights
home in the afternoon or evening.

Note:  Please contact us prior to booking your flight, or
you may end up paying additional lodging and transfer