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Colorado Family Vacations
Anytime of the Year
We provide trip planning, bird guide services, the services of our Outdoor
Instructors, and other travel support during anytime of the year to Colorado.  We
can make ski tips much more enjoyable with some added birding.  We can make
family camping, hiking and any other trip to Colorado more enjoyable.  These
costs can be shared if other families join you during your trip (if you so desire).

Please Note:  Some of these services are based upon the availability of local bird
guides and upon the availability of the Outdoor Instructors.
Why Colorado for birding and a family vacation?
Colorado ranks as one of the top spots for family vacations anywhere in the
country.  Colorado is also a great birding location.   With the help of
Nestling Tours to plan and support this vacation, most birders can add
significantly to their life list , and the whole family can enjoy other fun,
interesting, and worthwhile vacation activities.    
  • Between Colorado diverse habitats (ranging from the plains to the
    Rocky Mountains), opportunities for Grouse (including the
    endemic Gunison Sage-grouse), great rarities in migration, and
    other Colorado specialties (such as White-tailed Ptarmigan,
    Mountain Plover, Boreal Owl, Black Swift, and Three-toed
    Woodpecker), Colorado provides great birding opportunities.  
  • Furthermore, a number of these birding habitats are child friendly.  
    They offer opportunities for the children to have fun (enjoying other
    wildlife, hiking in the mountains or sand dunes, camping, and
    learning more about the cultures and history of the West) and to
    learn more about birds and wildlife (with the help of our Outdoor
  • In addition, the area offers a wide variety of other family vacation
    opportunities including skiing, museums, and amusement parks.

For birding, exploring Colorado's diverse habitats is the key to a successful
birding trip.  With over 450 potential species and by focusing on the birds
you most want to see, a great birding trip is always possible in Colorado.  
In the early Spring, the opportunity to see six Grouse species, including the
endemic Gunnison Sage-Grouse, attracts a large number of birders to
Colorado.  Migration brings in a flood of shore birds, McCown's and
Chestnut-collared Longspurs, and often a few rarities show up.   Later in
the year, you can find Mountain Plover, Mississippi Kite, Broad-tailed
Hummingbird, and Black-chinned Hummingbird. Though difficult to find,
you can find Northern Goshawk and White-tailed Ptarmigan at any time of
the year.  While coming for skiing or other vacation reasons in the winter,
we can help you find 3 species of Rosy-Finch, Pine Grosbeak, Barrow's
Goldeneye, and often Trumpeter Swan.   Rare gulls and loons are often
found in the winter as well.  Other specialties, such as Ferruginous Hawk
and Scaled Quail can also be found.  Eleven (11) owl species can be found
in Colorado, and our guides can help you find Northern Saw-whet, Northern
Pygmy-Owl or Boreal Owl.     

Nestling Tours offers three services to support your Colorado vacation
during anytime of the year.  
  1. Planning and Custom Itineraries:  We will help plan your vacation.  
    See our web-based tools for planning a vacation, which meets your
    birding needs and which meets your family’s needs.  Theses tools
    can be accessed on the “click here” buttons on the upper right side
    of this screen (to the right of the Gunnison Sage-Grouse).
  2. Outdoor Instructors: Our Outdoor Instructors provide opportunities
    for your children to learn more about birds, wildlife, and the
    outdoors while you have more opportunities to enjoy birding as a
    family.  If your children are comfortable, some times can be
    arranged for you to bird while your children enjoy a few hours or
    even a day with our Outdoor Instructors.
  3. Guided Birding:  Our bird guides know Colorado birding very well.
  • Norm Lewis has lead over 40 professional trips in
    Colorado.  Norm is currently the President of Colorado Field
  • Bill Schmoker is our most qualified guide to be both an
    Outdoor Instructor and a Bird Guide, and he is the current
    Vice-President of the Colorado Field Ornithologists.
  • Ted Floyd has also indicated he may be available for some
    short custom trips for a single day or single morning.  Ted is
    always terrific for chasing owls in the dark and really birding
    anywhere.  Ted is the Editor of Birding Magazine.  
  • For more about the qualifications of our Bird Guides and
    Outdoor Instructors, click here.

With the help of Nestling Tours, you can easily enjoy a great birding and
family vacation in Colorado.
What do you want from your birding and
family vacation in Colorado?

Some of the content of the custom Colorado trip planner is
up.  More content is to coming in early January.  Please use
the "click here" buttons below now to help collect information
about your Colorado birding and family vacation needs.   
  • Target Birds and Birding Trips:  Let us know what
    birds you want to find and where you want to go
    birding?  Click here.
  • Children's Choices and Activities:  What do your
    children want to do on vacation?  Click here.
  • Bird Guides and Outdoor Instructors:  Let us
    enhance you birding and family vacation.  Bird
    Guides can help you find those target birds.  Outdoor
    Instructors can enhance the outdoor experience for
    the whole family.  Click here.
  • Lodging and Camping Preferences:  Where do you
    want to stay?  Click here.
  • Some Information About You and Your Trip:  
    Please let us know when you would like to come to
    Colorado.  Please provide us additional information
    so that we may better serve you.   Click here.

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