Photo by J. Drummond.
Black-chinned Mountain
Tanager is one of over 70
tanager species to be seen
on the trip.
Northwest Ecuador and East Slope
 Most of these trips find over 370 species
(and sometimes over 400) over a ten days with well-
planned itineraries and top Ecuadorian guides.   This is
now our most popular trip.  40 hummingbird species and
80 tanagers species on most trips.  Also, antpittas,
toucans, and more South American families.  High value
lodges make for great trip prices starting at just over
$2,400.  Great guides include Lelis Navarrete, Alejandro
Solano and Xavier Munoz who will assure good
communication and productive birding.  Trips offered from
September to April with additional custom options.  

Eastern Ecuador:  Most trips find over 300 species in
one week with well-planned itineraries and top Ecuadorian
guides.  Excellent lodges (such as San Isidro) and birding
east of Quito set the stage for seeing many species not
see in Northwest Ecuador.  A great first or second trip to
Ecuador.  Trips from $2,290, but all worth another $1,100
to enjoy birding in Amazonian Basin (and enjoying another
100 to 150 species to your trip).   Trips offered each
month during dryer season on east slope from September
to March with additional custom options.

Ecuador Hummingbirds and More:  This trip is
designed to reach some of the most fantastic hummingbird
locations in Ecuador over a nine-day trip.  Besides finding
50 to 60 hummingbird species, the trip bird list should be
350 to 400 species.   Guides here include Alejandro
Solando, Lelis Navarrete and Xavier Munoz.  Excellent
lodges (such as Sacha Tamia, Bellavista, San Isidro and
Wild Sumaco) will set the stage for a great trip.  This trip is
price at $2,490 and is a great value for hummingbird
enthusiasts and all bird watchers.  An extension to the
Amazonian Basin would be an excellent way to spend
another 3 or 4 days of birdwatching in Ecuador.  This trip
is offered from September and into March each year.  

Southern Ecuador:  Another productive birding trips
for Ecuadorian and South American birders.  Excellent
Jocotoco Foundation lodges support bird conservation
and lay the groundwork to another productive birding trip
to South America.  Most trips find 400 to 450 species over
thirteen days with well-planned itineraries and top
Ecuadorian guides (including Lelis Navarrete who found
the Jocotoca Antpitta along with Robert Ridgely).  Trips
start at just over $3,500 for nearly 2 weeks.   Trips offered
several times throughout the year.  

Galapagos Islands:  This trip allows you to walk in the
foot steps of Charles Darwin and discover one of the most
dynamic and exciting island habitats in the world.  A trip to
the Galapagos is one of the top trips for natural history
  • We can book Galapagos trips each week of the
    year at great rates.  We have relationships with
    nearly every Galapagos yacht and tour operator,
    allowing you a choice of yacht and natural history
    experience.  Most trips from 5 to 8 days, and our
    packages include Quito lodging arrangements and
    airport and hotel transfers.
  • For birders, we offer several custom trips with a bird
    guide to assure a maximization of chances to see
    Galapagos endemic bird species along with other
    aspects of a natural history trip to the Galapagos.  
    We offer these trips twice per year (June/July and
    then October/November).  You do need to call to
    register for these trips.

Extension Options:  Amazon and More:  
  • Galapagos Islands can be added to any Ecuador
    trip.and prices start around $3,000.
  • Most birders going to Northwestern Ecuador,
    Southern Ecuador or Eastern Ecuador are
    interested in adding 4 or 5 days in the Amazonian
    Basin.  Many options are available here, starting at
  • Most trips offer other 1 to 4 day extensions, allowing
    additional productive birding at a reasonable cost
    (from $200 to $400 per day).
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Six Choices for Birding in Ecuador
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by John Drummond
Masked Flowerpiercer
by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by Murray Cooper
Photo by John Drummond
Photo by Murray Cooper
Birding in Ecuador
Northwest, East, Southern, Amazonian Basin, Galapagos and More!
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