Arrival:  Transfer to Quito Hotel  (on all trips you can either arrive the
night before or two nighs before if you want more time to rest)
Day 1:  Early morning transfers to Quito airport for flight to
Galapagos (Baltra Island).  Visit to the Charles Darwin Research
Station and begin birding and wildlife watching.
Day 2:   Floreana Island (Punta Cormorant /Champion Islet /Post
Office Bay)
Day 3:   Española Island (Punta Suarez / Gardner Bay )
Day 4:  San Cristobal Island (Kicker Rock/ Isla Lobos /Interpretation
Day 5:   North Seymour Island and Baltra (for refuel), and day
includes Black Turtle Cove (Panga Ride)
Day 6: Bartolomé Island and Sullivan Bay
Day 7:  Chinese Hat – Dragon Hill
Day 8:  Santa Cruz Highlands, and then transfer to the airport on
Baltra. and flight back to Quito.  Evening in Quito.
Departure:  Best to flight out on Monday, but Sunday evening (on
late flight is possible).

Package includes 8 days exploring Galapagos, 10 nights of lodging
(3 in Quito and 7 on Galapagos ship), all breakfasts, and all meals
while in the Galapagos, all airport transfers.  Services also include
bird guide in addition to naturalist guide on the boat.  Pricing for
September trip with John Drummond has not minimum participation,
Gustavo trips require a minimum of six birders.

Note:  A number of extensions can be added to this trip, taking
advantage of the many excellent lodges and birding opportunities
throughout Ecuador.  Extensions can be added before you journey
to the Galapagos or after
Galapagos for Birders and Naturalists
For more information or to sign up for one of our trips, call Charles at
888-203-7464 or Charles directly at 720-320-1974 or by email at
More Details on This Trip
Galapagos Islands for Birders
Brief Itinerary
Come and join our program, we want to share with you the
opportunity to see most of the 28 endemic species of the Islands
including Charles Mockingbird, Galápagos Martin, all the Darwin
finches -including the super rare Mangrove Finch.  You will also
have the opportunity to enjoy more wildlife watching by snorkeling
and to discover first hand the natural history of these unique

The Galapagos Islands bear the last unspoiled and pristine
ecosystems of the world where animals are tame, because of their
recent exposure to human presence.

Our trip will be consistent with, and support, the tremendous global
effort of conservation to protect these islands.
Brief Description
2 Choices

1. Special charters for birding groups can be developed to
effectively bird the Galapagos Islands.  These trips usually pick up
26 of the Galapagos endemics.  We offer this tours on a first come
first filled basis, choosing dates in June/July and
October/November.  Our trips are about $1,000 less than similar
trips aimed at getting all the Galapagos endemic bird species.

2. This being said, numerous tours exist each week which most
people coming away feeling this was their trip of the lifetime.  These
trips range from the low $2,000 to just over $3,500.  There are many
choices here.  Most birders pick up 15 to 20 plus endemics on these