Yaya Barry:  Bird Guide

We heard of Yaya Barry by reputation of a number of our European and Canadian clients who had been
birding with Yaya before they went birding on one of our east African trips.  They all spoke very favorably
of him and his skill in finding and identifying birds on sight and by ear.

It was a great pleasure to meet him at Bird Fair and experience first hand his expertise in planning bird
trips to Gambia and Senegal.  Yaya also is casual and relaxed, as he listens to your questions, and
demonstrates his expertise by answering  your questions well.

Yaya’s casual manner and good sense of humour will make all birders feel welcome in Gambia and

Yaya grew up in the village of Kuloro.  He started watching birds and wildlife as a young child went he
went into the bush to gather firewood.  The Kuloro bird watching camp was nearby, and he learned more
and more about birds from the staff there.   The staff were always impressed by his ability to listen and
spot birds and other wildlife.

As his father died when he was very young, Yaya learned quickly the absolute necessity of work.  He was
able to work at the bird watching camp and in other ways doing odd jobs while finishing his schooling.
Over 15 years ago, he and his brother moved to Banjul and starting providing bird guiding services to the
many European tourists visiting Gambia.  Since then he has provided over 150 client groups bird
watching services, and he has worked with a number of the largest bird tour companies in the world.  In
2010, he married and opened the Gambia Bird Lodge to help protect a small patch of forest near his
home.  His reputation as a bird guide has grown and grown, and he is now recognized as one of the top
bird guides in Gambia and Senegal.

Yaya’s relationship to other guides throughout Gambia and Senegal is essential to providing comfort,
safety and excellence in guiding services.     Yaya is now an executive officer in the Gambia Bird Guides
Associations.  He also serves on the board of the Kuloro Bird Bird Club.  Any guide providing bird,
wildlife and nature guiding services is a member of one or both of these organizations, and everyone
knows Yaya well.  These relationships assure that he is kept well-informed of all the key bird sightings
and findings up and down the Gambia and in Senegal.

Yaya also stays involves in a number of conservation projects in the area, including those around the
Gambia Bird Lodge and at Farasutu Forest, which is managed by the Kuloro Bird Club.

Yaya’s endearing personality, experiences, expertise and relationships will assure that you have a
pleasant and productive birding vacation.
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