Lucky Brigade Overview and Pacing

The intent of the Lucky Brigade tours is to provide a quality birding tour
focused on seeing many beautiful birds without the rigors of many bird
focused trips.  

Early mornings will be a given, but we will stick to the shorter less
challenging trails, we will plan a rest in the afternoon, maybe one in the
morning depending on how the group feels.

Where possible, we will stay two or more nights in the same lodge so there
is not a frenzy to pack up every morning.  There will be a PIB host along to
coordinate plans, keep the trip on track, and handle any issues that may

We also include top local birding guides and develop plans for effective and
productive birding without the rigor.

Join us for a rewarding adventure without feeling totally exhausted at it’s
Hosts and Partner Groups:
Lucky Brigade with Host BG Adams

Relaxed paced birding: productive, yet fun birding.              
Billie Gene "BG" Adams:  Trip Host and Lucky Brigade Leader

BG has been organizing trips for the "Lucky Brigade" in some manner of form
over the last dozen years.  She adds her enthusiasm for birding to the trip,
but keeps the trip paced to be inclusive of nearly all birders.  Though the
group will aim to add many new life birds to its trip list, the group will go at a
comfortable and leisurely pace.  The luck of the group often bears out daily
with a few genuine rarities.

BG hosted over twenty trips for the Lucky Brigade to Costa Rica, Trinidad and
Tobago, Ecuador and now Peru.  They have had numerous trips to various
birding locales in the United States as well, including Southeast Arizona,
Alaska, Atlantic Coast, Northern California, South Texas and a number of
Links to Lucky Brigade Trips Below:

Pacific Northwest Birding
January/February 2013

Texas Rio Grand Valley and Hill Country
April 2013

Colorado Grouse and More
April 2013

Bulgaria Birding and More
September 2013

More Coming Soon (including links for more
For More Information or to Register for this Trip, call BG Adams in
Mountain Home 540-576-2399 or email at  

Also, feel free to call Charles at 888-203-7464 at ext. 912 or directly at
720-320-1974 or by email at