to as the "Eighth Continent", as its exceptional fauna and
flora have evolved over millions of years of isolation. This
legendary uniqueness is nowhere better reflected than in its
birds, and the island hosts no less than five endemic families
(the ground rollers, cuckoo roller, mesites, Malagasy
warblers and vangas)! But the wonder of Madagascar
extends well beyond its avifauna and we do not neglect the
amazing lemurs, colourful chameleons and fascinating flora
of this appropriately named “laboratory of evolution”. For
our Madagascar Highlights tour we have cherry-picked the
best of Madagascar, offering it in a shorter package.  As a
result, this expedition provides a more relaxed pace and less
demanding Madagascar experience than our
Comprehensive Madagascar tours. We target all five
endemic Malagasy bird families as well as good numbers of
lemurs and other representative wildlife, making this ideal for
travellers with limited time or less interest in targeting every
single endemic bird.  

Madagascar Comprehensive:  Our African partner has
run more than 50 tours over the past 10 years to the world’s
fourth-largest island.  These three week tours are one of the
very few Madagascar tours ever to crack the magical 200
species barrier.   Of the two hundred species regularly
recorded on the island, no fewer than one
hundred and forty are endemic or near endemic.  This
includes five entire families of birds endemic to the island:
the ground-rollers, cuckoo-roller, mesites, Madagascar
warblers and vangas.  But the wonder of Madagascar
extends well beyond its avifauna.  Virtually every plant and
animal on the island is endemic.  Sadly most are threatened
by continued deforestation, making Madagascar one of
those “must-visit-soon” destinations.  Besides the birds, we
experience up to 27 lemur species (including the world-
famous dancing sifakas) and other mammals from civets to
strange tenrecs.  We will also see dozens of species of
chameleons, cryptic leaf-tailed geckos, other bizarre reptiles
and amphibians, and some of the world’s most outlandish

Madagascar Remote North - Pochard and
Endangered Endemics:   
This has to be one of the
most "off-the-beaten-path" birding adventures in the world.  
Few bird watchers have seen this avifauna, including some
of the world's rarest birds.  We will visit isolated lakes,
holding the last population of the recently rediscovered
Madagascar Pochard.  Also, we visit the lowland rainforests
of the Masoala Peninsula, home to the outrageous Helmut
Vanga.  Other excellent species include Sakalava Rail,
Madagascar Serpent Eagle, Red Owl and Sleder-billed
Fullftail.    This trip is for the true birding adventurer.  

New Madagascar Trips for Budget-Minded
We are now offering a Madagascar trip for the
budget-minded birder.  Please contact us to learn more.  We
do have a trip itinerary and description available.
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Three Choices for Birding in Madagascar
Birding in Madagascar
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Madagascar Highlights; and
Madagascar's Remote North
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