Magee Marsh and Kirtland's Warberl and More
Springtime Birding in Ohio and Michigan
Magee Marsh and Grayling for Kirtland's Warbler
Brief Overview of the Trip
Day 1:  Arrival in Detroit, MI; birding near the Detroit
airport then transfer to our hotel in Oregon, OH.
Days 2 and 3:  AM birding at Magee Marsh Wildlife
on both days plus other local sites for reported
rarities and area specialties in the afternoon.  Some
flexibility will be needed to maximize sightings of newly
arriving migrants and possible PM returns to Magee Marsh.
Day 4:  AM birdng at Oak Openings Metropark and/or
focus on anything we may have missed; PM birding at

Nayanquing Point Wildlife Area
and finish the day in
Grayling, Michigan.
Day 5:  Kirtland's Warbler tour and additional area
birding from
Grayling, Michigan
Day 6:  Local sites near Grayling and transfer to Detroit
for departures in later afternoon.

For Those Looking for Longer Trip:  Add a Second
Trip to Indiana/Kentucky for Birding and Cave
Some Magee Marsh trip participants will choose
to continue the next day with a birding transfer to our
Indiana and Kentucky birding trip (adding a few more key
warbler species and more) and bringing birder's a lifetime
chance to learn more about the wildlife of cave's with Jerry
Lewis, who has found over sixty new species to science.  
You will visit these caves and Jerry will lend his expertise in
helping find and then showing you these underground

Note: In 2014, we are offering a shorter, 5-day trip
covering just the northwestern Ohio area. You will fly in
and out of Detroit, spend a day at Oak Openings
Metropark, and enjoy two days birding at and near Magee
Marsh. This trip is led by Harry Fuller and runs May 14-18
Brief Itinerary
Trip Description
of Ohio and Michigan

Spring Birding at Magee Marsh and
Grayling for Kirtland's Warbler
The shore of Lake Erie in northwestern Ohio is one of the
prime songbird migration viewing sites in the United States
during May.  Magee Marsh is fast becoming the most
pleasant few hundred yards of birding, often offering  
eye-level views of twenty or more beautiful warblers.  Our
trip is scheduled to give you a great opportunity to see
over twenty warblers at Magee Marsh, and then add the
Kirtland's Warbler at their breeding ground near Grayling
in Michigan.  To round out the beauty of all these
warblers, everyone will also enjoy long looks at Scarlet
Tanager, Baltimore Oriole and other stunning birds.  

Other hard-to-get mid-continent species will include
American Woodcock, Eastern Whip-poor-will, Bobolink,
Upland Sandpiper, Eastern Screech-Owl, American
Bittern, Lincoln's Sparrow, and Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.  
Other species we should find include Least Bittern, Black
Tern, Willow Flycatcher, Clay-colored Sparrow, Evening
Grosbeak and more.   

Also, this trip will allow birders to carefully study thrushes
and vireos.  Most everyone will enjoy a chance to study
and compare the thrushes at Magee Marsh, including
Gray-cheeked Thrush, Veery, Swainson's Thrush, Hermit
Thrush and Wood Thrush.  Everyone should also see
White-eyed Vireo, Warbling Vireo, Blue-headed Vireo,
Yellow-throated Vireo and Philadelphia Vireo.

Birders without much experience birding east of the
Mississippi River will likely pick up 30 plus life birds.

We will spend two and a half days around Magee Marsh
(super migrant trap) and several other key birding sites in
the area and then visit northern Michigan to look for the
limited-range Kirtland's Warbler.  This trip is a must for
most North American birders.
Bay-breasted Warbler photo by Bill Schmoker.
Header photo also by Schmoker.
Blackburnian Warbler photo
by Bill Schmoker.
Prothonotary Warbler photo by
Bill Schmoker.
Scarlet Tanager photo by Bill Schmoker.
Black-throated Green Warbler photo
by Bill Schmoker.
Photo by Bill Schmoker
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Charles at 888-203-7464 or Charles directly at
720-320-1974 or by email at
More Details on This Trip
Photo by Bill Schmoker
Chestnut-sided Warbler
American Redstart
by Bill Schmoker