Southern Malawi Birding:  Malawi is an attractive
country of plateaus, rolling plains, lakes, mountains,
forests and vast Miombo woodlands.  It is fast becoming
recognized as one of Africa’s essential birding
destinations. Our Southern Malawi Birding tour, combined
with our Nyika Extension, has been especially designed to
target the many near-endemic birds found in the vast
broad-leaved woodlands of Dzalanyama and on the high
mountain plateaus of Nyika and Viphya in the north of the
country. Whether birding the broad-leaved Brachystegia
or montane forests, a feature of this region are the multi-
species feeding flocks that create a riot of activity. Many of
the lodges we use on this trip are surprisingly luxurious.  
Birders will also realize how rewarding and diverse
Malawi's birding and game viewing is. Learn more from our
Southern Malawi website (click here).

    Nyika Extension:  Our extension to the
    extensive Nyika Plateau will see us searching for the
    numerous range-restricted montane forest and
    grassland specials occurring here.  Check out the
    details in our Nyika Extension website.

    South Luangwa Birding and Wildlife Pre-
    Trip Extension:  South Luangwa National Park in
    eastern Zambia is famous for its magnificaent
    diversity of birds, mammals and other wildlife.  
    Though rare and elusive in other parts of Africa,
    you will likely encounter Leopard and Wild Dog
    here.  This setting also provides the opportunity to
    see additional African bird species.  Learn more
    from our  South Luangwa website (click

Note:  These trips are scheduled in September and
October each years so they can be taken together for a
longer trip (if you so choose).
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Birding in Malawi and Zambia
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Birding in Malawi and Zambia
Southern Malawi
with South Luangwa Extension
and Nyika Extension
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