Photo by J. Drummond.
Black-chinned Mountain
Tanager is one of over 70
tanager species to be seen
on the trip.
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Pantanal and Rio Cristalino:  This is one of our most
popular trips with first time Brazil bird watchers.  Every
birder and wildlife lover wants to see the Pantanal.  Then
once at the Pantanal, you must fly to Rio Cristalino for five
days of birding in one of the top birding sites in the
Amazon basin.   Most trips top off the first 8 to 10 days
with another 3 days at the Chapada dos Gimaraes
National Park.  Most trips find from 420 to 480 species in
two weeks with well-planned itineraries and top South
American guides.  Pantanal wildlife and birds and high
quality Amazon birding make for great trips from $3,690.  
Great guides include Lelis Navarrete and top Brazilian
guides.  Trips offered when in the Pantanal dry months
from April to November.  Learn more from our
and Rio Cristalino website (click here).

Pantanal Spectacular:  These trips (often for ten
days) are focused on finding not only the bird species of
the Pantanal, but also taking more time to find many of the
numerous mammal species of the Pantanal.  Besides
finding the Jaguar, most birders and wildlife watchers are
very keen to see some of the many endemic primates and
other mammals in Brazil.  Brazil has more mammals than
any other country in the world.  Endemics and near
endemics make this a fantastic trip.  We have several trips
planned with the Sierra Club to the Pantanal, and we are
always happy to develop other custom trips here.    
Pantanal Spectacular.

Atlantic Forest Classic Brazil:   This trip is designed
for the birder looking for another excellent South American
birding opportunity, rich in endemics.  These trips are also
not that expensive at about $300 per day.  Over a nine
day trip, you can bird many of the key birding sites in the
Atlantic Forest, including Itatiaia National Park (and
several key habitats and sites there) and Uba Tuba (and
several key birding sites nearby.  Most trips find 260 to
280 species, including 95 Atlantic Forest specialities, with
well-planned itineraries and top South American bird
guides.  Several local hotels cater to bird watchers to
make the trip affordable and productive for birding.  Trips
from $2,490 to $3,090.   Trips offered throughout the
year, as there is no rainy season here.  Learn more from
Atlantic Forest Classic Brazil website (click

Spectacular Atlantic Forest Brazil:  Some birders
prefer a much longer Atlantic Forest trip to spend more
time birding and more time finding more of the endemic
species of the Atlantic Forest.  These locations include
Itatiaia National Park, Serra dos Orgáos National Park and
surrounding areas, Regua Reserve, Uba Tuba and
Fazenda Intervales State Park.  These trips can find well
over 450 species, and often run from 14 to 18 days,
ranging in price from $3,490 to $4,690.  Trip are lead by
Bruno Lima (an experience Atlantic Forest ornithologist) or
Lelis Navarrete, one of South America's top guides.   
Learn more from our
Atlantic Forest Brazil website
(click here).

Northeast Brazil:  Another productive birding trips for
Brazil for the experience Brazilian birder, desiring more
excellent Brazilian birding and more Brazilian endemics is
northeast.  One of our experience staff has done this trip
3 times, and he continues to rave about the quality of
birding at this location.  Most trips find 300 to 400 species
in about 10 days.   Trips start from $2,990.   Learn more
from our
Northeast Brazil website (click here).
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Photo by Lelis Navarrete.
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
Photo by Lelis Navarrete.
This photo and header photo by Bud Johnson.
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