Namibia & Botswana:   Birding and Wildlife - Trip Options
We offer two excellent trips to Namibia.   The excellent
infrastructure of Namibia along with its bird diversity (and
awesome mammal views), makes these trips unforgettable
for most bird watchers.

Namibia & Botswana Birding and Wildlife:  Okavango
and Victoria Falls:
From the lily-choked backwaters of
the Okavango Panhandle to the ochre-coloured dunes of
the Namib Desert, this trip has much to offer the bird and
wildlife lover.  The trip also includes the breath-taking
Victoria Falls, the waterholes of Etosha National Park
filled with wildlife,  and the flamingo-studded lagoons of
habitat and scenery, providing the stage for an eco-
tourism experience like no other. Our comprehensive
overland safari combines the numerous endemic and
special birds and animals of the dry, western deserts with
the moist Okavango region. Spending quality time
observing mammals, large and small, will be a major
aspect of this tour, and we can expect to see an exciting
array of charismatic African wildlife, including the fabled
“Big 5”. Spectacular and dramatic scenery, coupled with
quality mammal viewing and exceptional birding, all
combine to make this one of our most popular birding
adventures!  To learn more about this spectacular birding
and wildlife trip.

Essential Namibia Birding :  This tour offers a selection
of the best birding and wildlife destinations in Namibia in a
compact budget safari over 10 days. We begin our
journey in Windhoek, an area that offers a superb
introduction to Namibian birds. Then, off to the Namib
Desert, a land of enormous red dunes.  Then we bird  
along southern Africa’s west coast, enjoying some of the
100,000 waterbirds at Walvis Bay. Leaving the coast, we
journey inland to the scenic Spitzkoppe before visiting the
amazing Erongo Mountains.   Then wildlife and bird
watching at Etosha National Park before reaching the
spectacular Waterberg massif.   This tour promises an
unbeatable experience for those wishing to sample the
incredible wilderness of this modern African country.  
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Birding In Namibia and Botswana
Namibia:  Okavango and Victoria Falls

or Namibia Essentials
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