Birding in Nepal
Birding in Nepal
Day 1:  Arrive Kathmandu and Birding Begins
Day 2:  Birding Kathmandu valley and Phulchowki
Days 3 to 6:  Fly from Kathmandu and begin three days
of birding and wildlife watching at Biratnagar and Koshi
Tappu Wildlife Reserve
Days 7 to 10:  Chitwan National Park
Day 11:  Chitwan to Kathmandu
Day 12:  Transfer out to International flight from

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Nepal is incredible for birds – the remarkable diversity of
altitude and habitat, from grasslands at little more than sea
level to the highest peaks of the Himalaya, is reflected in
the sheer variety of species – over 850 species of birds
have been recorded here, more than in any other region
of comparable size in Asia.  

This is one of Asia’s most fascinating countries. Straddling
the central Himalaya, Nepal is dominated by mountains
which provide a universal spectacular backdrop,
punctuated by colorful Buddhist stupas, Hindu temples and
royal palaces. Once one of the most isolated and
inaccessible places on earth, geographically and by
choice, Nepal opened its borders little over a half-century
ago, allowing birders to explore some of the best birding
locations in the Indian subcontinent.  

Our 12-day tour takes us through the three best birding
localities in Nepal. We begin in the mid-altitude Himalaya of
the Kathmandu Valley, exploring the forested slopes of
Phulchowki Danda for montane specialties.  From here we
travel east into the terai, the lowland grasslands and
forests which flank the Himalaya, to Koshi Tappu Wildlife
Reserve, where internationally important wetlands host
Nepal’s largest congregation of waterbirds.  Staying in the
terai, we move west to Chitwan National Park which,
spanning the mountains from the terai and outermost
foothills to the mid-Himalaya, supports the richest
assemblage of birds anywhere in the country, including an
important selection of grassland specialties in the most
extensive protected area of lowland grassland in Nepal.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable and productive tour
covering the best of the country’s birding sites in a variety
of habitats and landscapes, against a backdrop of
dramatic mountain scenery. During the winter months
resident avifauna is enhanced by Palaearctic migrants,
with excellent opportunities for large mammals, including
Tiger and Indian One-horned Rhinoceros, in the lowlands.
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Asian Pied Starling
Photo by Leio & Jennifer De Souza
Asian Barred Owlet and Red-breasted
Parakeet banner photo by Leio & Jennifer
De Souza  
Black-winged Kite
Photo by Leio & Jennifer De Souza
Changeable Hawk-eagle
Photo by Leio & Jennifer De Souza
Grey-winged Blackbird
Photo by Leio & Jennifer De Souza
Black-breasted Sunbird
Photo by Leio & Jennifer De Souza