Aerie Adventures Overview

I have learned a great deal about bird watching from Norm Lewis.  
Besides learning about a lot of field marks and finding a lot of good
birds, Norm assures everyone has a good time.

These are inclusive bird watching trips.  You will have fun and you
will see a lot of good birds.

Early mornings will be a given, and the day will be filled with a
number of good birding stops and visits to top birding sites.

Norm knows North American birds very well; so, you get excellent
birding knowledge and a good sense of humour.  On international
trips, we team Norm up with top local birding guides to assure
productive birding.

Join us for a rewarding birding adventure with fun and humour
along to remind you that you are having a great vacation.
Hosts and Partner Groups:
Aerie Adventures

with Norm Lewis

Enjoyable and productive birding for most bird watchers.              
Norm Lewis:  North American Bird Guide and Trip Leader

Norm Lewis has guided numerous birding tours across North America,
including multiple trips to Southeast Arizona,
Alaska, Florida, the Rio
Grande Valley in Texas, the Upper Texas Coast, California, Nebraska and the
Platte River Valley, North Carolina, New Mexico and elsewhere. Indiana is his
home state, where his brother taught him about bird watching.

For over twenty years he has led monthly trips across Colorado for the
Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Recently, he has hosted a trip to
Costa Rica, Ecuador and several other of our South American destinations.

Norm is always good for a quick and tricky identification. He is always helpful
with a quick lesson on the finer points of bird identification in the field.

Norm is the Past-President of the Colorado Field Ornithologists and a
Research Associate in the Department of Zoology with the Denver Museum of
Nature and Science.
Norm Lewis is always ready to get in the field and find some good birds.  He
will also assure you have a good time.
Florida Winter Birding Break
January 20 to 26, 2013 (first trip)
January 27 to February 2, 2013 (second trip)

Minnesota Owls and More
February 20 to 24, 2013

Colorado Grouse and More
April 13 to 21, 2013

Magee Marsh and Kirtland's Warbler
May 14 to 19, 2013

Indiana and Kentucky:  Birding and Cave Biology
Now April 27 to May 2, 2014

Southeast Arizona Birding
August 18 to 25, 2013

Panama Birding and Wildlife
October 19 to 26, 2013 with Harpy Eagle and Darien Extension