Photo by J. Drummond.
Classic Panama Birding Tour: Visit the major birding
sites in the Canal area.  On these 8-day trips, you can
expect to find around 300 bird species with well-planned
itineraries and top Panamanian guides.  15 to 20
hummingbird species and 20 to 25 ‘tanager’ species on
most trips.  Great guides include Guido Berguido, who will
assure good communication and productive birding.  We
normally schedule about three trips during the prime
birding season, from December to April.

Spectacular Panama Birding Tour:  :  Most of these
trips find over 350 species over ten days with well-planned
itineraries and top Panamanian guides.  This trip is much
like our Classic Panama trip, but also includes a few more
days in the Chiriquí highlands.  25 hummingbird species
and 25+ ‘tanager’ species are seen on most trips.  Trips
usually offered from December to April with additional
custom options.

Western Darién Extension:  The Darién has become
much more accessible due to improvements in the Pan-
American Highway through the lowlands.  Besides having
access to the Harpy Eagle, you have a chance to get
many other Darién specialties.  This is an extension trip to
all our Panama trips.  Over four days, most trips find over
150 species, 80 new species compared to the main trips.  
Extension trips here range from $690 to $790.  Trips
offered each month during drier season from December to
April with additional custom options.

Panama is a great location for persons who are falling in
love with Central and South American birding.  For many,
Panama is their second trip to Central American birding.
•   For first time Panama birders, each day brings 30 to 40
life birds, with travel between most major sites less than 2
•   Trips to this location provide a great value to those who
want to see a lot of beautiful and fascinating species within
a reasonable budget.
•   Birding with a great local guide usually means finding
twice as many species as going out alone.  Local guides
know the best way to spend a productive day birding,
covering a number of key sites in a well-planned itinerary.
•   These routes are good for lots of beautiful tanagers -
as many as 30 species in one week.
•   Many places have hummingbird feeders, which can
help bring the trip total close to or over 30 species in one
•   The lodges provide excellent meals and a base for a
number of birding routes each day.
•   Our guides include Guido Berguido, plus other reliable
and excellent guides throughout the country.
•   These trips are well planned to focus on bird watching.  
With excellent guides, we anticipate trip participants will
see 300 to 350 species each week.

Trip extensions include western Darién and/or the Chiriquí

•   We recommend the Darién to all birders.  A Darién trip
also offers the opportunity for seeing Harpy Eagle, for
those fit for a full day's hike.

We offer Panama Birding trips three times during the year
during the Panama dry season from mid-December to mid-

Please contact us for trip reports to get a good idea of the
bird species you will see based upon our past experiences.
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Three Choices for Birding in Panama
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Birding in Panama
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