Papua New Guinea:  Birding in Paradise
Brief Overview of Trip
Of all the birding destinations in the world, Papua New Guinea
would have to rank among the most fascinating and exotic.  The
second largest island in the world, New Guinea was the last
inhabited island on earth to be explored by Europeans, and
even today many areas have little or no exposure to Western
influence. The virtually untouched forests come alive with
incredible fruit doves, fig parrots, fairywrens, jewel-babblers,
pitas, honeyeaters and berrypeckers. Over twenty species of
dazzling birds-of-paradise present elaborate iridescent colours
and wild tail plumes in one of the most astonishing exhibits of
the natural world.

Travelling by air, road, and boat, we will explore the diverse
habitats of the country from winding lowland rivers and
sprawling grasslands to rich highland ecosystems and forested

Our eighteen-day tour covers the highlights of this enchanted
and under-travelled country in depth. We can expect a
phenomenal variety of remarkable birds and vast regions of
immaculate forests that have been experienced by few people
on earth.
Day 1:  Arrival in Port Moresby
Day 2:  Day excursion to Varirata National Park
Day 3:  Port Moresby area
Day 4: Port Moresby flight to Tari Valley
Day 5 and 6: Tari Valley
Day 7: Tari Valley drive to Mount Hagen
Day 8 and 9: Mount Hagen area
Day 10: Mount Hagen flight to Kiunga drive to Tabubil
Day 11 and 12: Tabubil area
Day 13: Tabubil drive to Kiunga
Day 14:  Kiunga area
Day 15:  Kiunga to Elevala River by boat
Day 16: Elevala River and afternoon boat to Kiunga
Day 17: Kiunga flight to Port Moresby
Day 18: Varirata and departure

New Britain Extension:  4 Additional Days
Brief Itinerary
Papua New Guinea:
Birding in Paradise
with Extension for
New Britain Endemics
Trip Description
Varirata National Park, Port Moresby area, Tari Valley, Mount Hagen area,  Tabubil area, Kiunga area and the Elevala River
With Optional New Britain Extension
More Details on This Trip
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