Murray Cooper
Birding in Peru
Three Fantastic Peru Trip Options!
Peru Manu Biosphere and More: This itinerary has the
potential to provide opportunities to see over 500 bird
species in just two weeks from great eco-lodges and
through great reseves along a productive birding route,
including the Manu Biosphere Reserve, Cock-of-the Rock
Lodge and the Amazonian Lodge.  In addition, the trip will
have a one week extension to Machu Picchu to enjoy this
high mountain area and including the opportunity to
extend the trip list to 620 and perhaps 670 species!

Machu Picchu Extension Option:  All of our Manu
Biosphere trips end with a trip to Machu Picchu.  These
trips include a visit to the world historic and cultural site,
and some great birding near Machu Picchu and in the  
Ollantaytambo Valley.

Northern Peru: The Marvelous
Tumbesian-Marañonian Endemics Tour :
 A few
highlights of our Northwest Peru trip include seeing 430 to
480  bird species in two weeks.  The trip will cover a
number of habitats and altitudinal zones and hit all the
key birding sites including the  Maranon Biodiversity
Region, Abra Patricia Lodge, and Chaparrie Lodge and
Reserve.  In addition, a number the trip covers a number
of sites to maximize endemics in northwest Peru.  Besides
fantastic Inca-Finches, you will see great hummingbirds,
like Marvelous Spatuletail and another 20 to 25 endemics.
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Murray Cooper
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
Photo by Lelis Navarrete
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