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The Details on the Drawing/Raffle for 3 Prize of $1000 (USD) or £650
(GBP) off Any of Our South American Birding Tours:

1. Prize is good to save $1000 (USD) or £650 (GBP) off any of our South
American Birding tours through December of 2017.  

2. This is a small group of birders, so you (the prize winner) and 6 or 7
other trip participants.

3. You will have a choice of 100 plus dates in the next 27 months
(through December of 2017).  Offer ends March 1 in 2018, so plan to
travel to South America for birding before that.

4. One entry per person.

5. You must be 21 or older and must be a bird watcher to win.

6. Really be honest with two issues when entering the drawing.

Issue 1:  Please let us know if we should contact you about other
birding tours.  Be honest here.  Your answer will not impact your status
to win.

Issue 2:  Please provide accurate information on telephone and email
information, otherwise we will not be able to contact you.
3 Prizes for $1,000 or  £650
Off Birding in South America!
Yes, enter me in the draw!
Enter on-line by August 20 in 2015.  We will select
winners daily at British Birdwatching Fair (August 21,
22 and 23 in 2015).
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We plan to telephone the winners September 15 to 30.
Do you want to learn more about our Save an Acre* project?  
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Note:  We save at least one acre (sometimes 200 acres) for bird and
wildlife conservation on each of our trip bookings.
Please let us learn more about your birding interests
 Do you want any information about any of our over 200 currently
scheduled birding trips?  Where would you like to go birding?  When do you prefer
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*We usually call our clients one time per year.  Do not say "yes" unless you want
to be called or emailed.  Honesty here will not impact your ability to win.