South Africa Birding and Wildlife - Trip Options
We offer six different excellent trips to South Africa for
bird watchers. Eastern South Africa (with an extension to
the Western Cape) is great for first time South Africa
birders. For those birders desiring the South African
endemics and much more in a single trip, please check
out our South Africa Endemics Spectacular trip. We also
offer other options for the budget minded birder, for those
desiring a broader naturalist's perspective, and for the
birder coming back to do western South Africa. We have
thirty-two South Africa trips scheduled in 2016. Please
contact us soon, so that we can provide you more
information and get you scheduled on one these excellent
bird watching (and wildlife) trips.

Eastern South Africa (with Western Cape
The provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and
Mpumalanga on South Africa’s eastern seaboard boast
some of the country’s finest birding and exceptional
mammal viewing. An impressive 750 plus species of
birds occur in the region, reflecting the wonderful natural
diversity of the area. South Africa's modern infrastructure
supports productive birding throughout the region. This
trip covers the classic African savanna of the world-
renowned Kruger National Park, the teeming Zululand
game reserves, the endemic-rich mist-belt forests of the
Natal Midlands and the lofty peaks of the magnificent
Drakensberg. This tour of Eastern South Africa offers the
very best of African bird watching and wildlife viewing. In
addition, the trip can be expanded to include the Western

South Africa Birding Spectacular:  South Africa
has the highest number of endemic and near-endemic
bird species of any country on the African continent. The
focus of this 24-day endemics spectacular birding tour is
to see as many of these South African endemic and near-
endemic species as possible. Almost all 143 birds falling
into this category are targeted during the tour. Some of
these special birds are truly beautiful, charismatic and
spectacular, including the Drakensberg Rockjumper and
the Blue Crane.  This trip also aims to find endangered
and/or range restricted species as well, such as Rudd’s
Lark and Botha’s Lark. We will also find every member of
the endemic Rockjumper family (this family is endemic to
South Africa). Furthermore, we will seek out other special
and sought-after African species. During the course of
this tour, we will rack up a very impressive bird list in
terms of species numbers, rarities and great sightings.
Mammals will likewise form a major focus of our attention,
and we also enjoy the incredible diversity of reptiles,
amphibians and other wildlife of South Africa. We invite
you to join us on this exciting celebration of endemic
treasures during this ultimate South African Spectacular
birding adventure!  
Brief Overview of Each Trip
Photo by Adam Riley
Birding In South Africa
Photo by Adam Riley.
Eastern South Africa and
Western Cape Extension,
and South Africa Endemics
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